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Lyn held a degree in business informatics, from University of Applied Science in Wismar, Germany. He performed his studies part-time during his work as a freelancer from 2007 to 2011. Lyn wrote his master thesis at the area of artificial intelligence, in peculiar on declarative programming using Prolog and constraint programming over finite elements to solve complex time scheduling tasks.

Main skills in software development:


  • PHP: Object oriented or procedural code. Own developed framework (based on several classes) for quick and flexible (modul-based) website development. This concept bases on the book „PHP 5 und MySQL 5“ from Stefan Reimers and Gunnar Thies, ISBN 978-3-89842-693-0.
  • CSS: Daily business, used in all websites for modern (web 2.0) design and behaviour.
  • HTML: Root of any website – daily business.
  • Javascript / jQuery: One of the most popular frameworks for javascript and modern web-development – most used framework for my web projects.
  • nodeJS: Very interesting for web-hosting. Good framework for web-sockets – used as backend for development and as a control system for my ZigBee based home automation system.
  • casperJS: A framework for headless E2E-Tests, using phantomJS or SlimerJS. Good to test website behaviour.
  • Protractor: A E2E-Test Framwork, developed and used by angularJS
  • AngularJS: Very interesting Framework, created by google developers in 2011. The Model-View-View-Control pattern allows a easy two way binding which makes a lot of boilerplate code unnecessary.


  • C: Tools for connecting with MySQL C Connector, used in embedded environments for several projects like SMS Gateway with HUWEI Stick, database synchronization etc.
  • C++: A couple of tools developed – but not my daily business.
  • C# / .NET: For a few years main software language in several projects, for instance GUI and backend system for a accounting solution with complex controls etc. Always object oriented of course, several libraries built etc.
  • Shell: Several tools under Linux and MAC OS X for daily convenience.
  • Python: Used mainly at Raspberry Pi for home automation projects.


  • Raspberry Pi: Use the raspi for several embedded solutions like gateway, web server, smart home solutions. Experienced with raspian OS, Archlinux. There will be soon an own website for my Raspberry Pi stuff.
  • Arduino: Used for prototyping in smart home solutions like temperature sensor, controlling displays etc.

Artificial Intelligence / Constraint Programming:

  • Declarative Programming to solve complex scheduling problems. Started to work with Prolog during my studies in business informatics. Wrote my master thesis on usage of prolog and Constraint Programming over finite elements for solving a scheduling problem for group assessment center planning.
  • Also developed (at prototype level) a tool to monitor redundancy within meshed networks. This can be used to raise alarms within secure environments or solutions in case of redundancy loss.
  • There will be soon an own site about Prolog in the near future.